Demo tables

Demo tables will be open to browse for both days of the conference. Each day from 11:50-12:50pm all demo table exhibitors will be present at their table to answer questions, and optionally present during all other Summit hours.

How Are Solar Panels Made?Two mini-games hosted on a solar-powered Raspberry Pi server let players explore the construction, maintenance, and disposal of solar panels. Through a mobile hotspot, players can connect their own device to the server and access the games
Speaking Toys with Technical University BerlinWe will focus on two open hardware projects: Make your toys speak, and, how to transform speech into an image on a display. We use cheap and commonly available hardware components
Miami Memory MachineThe Machine is activated by a hot drink – like a cup of coffee – connecting with the microcontroller, and every sip you take triggers another memory you can watch on the laptop. In this way, you too can reminisce over a life in Miami
SnapperGPSThe SnapperGPS receiver is a small, low-power, low-cost location data logger. It employs the snapshot GNSS technology, and offloads the computationally expensive data processing to the cloud
Freespireco: Cooperating Open Human Respiration DevicesImagine a table with a functional free-design medical ventilator rhythmically filling a test lung. We will interactively demonstrate all of the Freespireco devices, and can discuss the state of open source medical devices in general
Open Source Sex MachineThe open source sex machine is a compact, affordable, programmable and friendly sex machine for anyone who wants to build their own.
Harris Lab The lab will be displaying some of their open source creations that explore fluid mechanics and soft matter supported by mathematical and numerical modelling techniques.