Speaker Schedule

Day 1: Friday, April 28

Main Stage
10:00 – 10:10Lee Wilkins, Alicia Gib, Claire Cassidy, Sid DrmayOpening Remarks
10:10 – 10:40Keynote: Carlotta BerryRobotics for the Streets: Open-source robotics for academics and the community
10:40-11:00Huaishu PengHow to DIY high-resolution flexible (and kirigami) circuits with a fiber laser engraver?
11:00-11:20Anastasia PistofidouLittle Wool Factory
11:20-11:40Amy WibowoPutting the Personal in Personal Computer by Designing and Fabricating My Own Computer Cases
11:50-12:10Kitty YeungCan fashion be part of open-source?
12:10-12:30Kate Hartman & Chris LuginbuhlKinetic Wearables Toolkit
12:30-12:50Senja Jarva10 electronic textile projects I wish were OHSWA certified
1:50-2:10Jonathan BalkindLessons in Open-Source Hardware From The UC System
2:10-2:30AnnMarie ThomasOpen Source Hardware in PK-12 Education
2:30-2:50Ayesha IftiqharMaking Pretty PCBs for STEAM Outreach
2:50-3:10Alexandra CovorSTEAM is better than STEM – Making Tech Education More Accessible Through Art
3:20-3:40S WuReclaiming Looms as Open Hardware
3:40-4:00Richard LinStealing Great Ideas from Software Engineering: Library-based PCB Design through Hardware Description Languages
4:00:-4:20Steph PiperRTFM: An Exploration into Designing Great Instructions
4:20-4:40Amitabh ShrivastavaRefrigediro – Demystifying refrigeration systems
4:40-5:40Zine Time
8:00pm -1:00am PARTY at NYC ResistorPlease RSVP

Day 2: Saturday, April 29

Main Stage
10:00-10:20Alicia Gib, Lee Wilkins, Claire Cassidy, Sid DrmayState of Open Hardware
10:20-10:40Manu PrakashFrugal science: Tackling societal challenges with curiosity, openness and a little bit of play
10:40-11:00Dahl WintersOSHW + MBSE for Academic Leadership in Sustainability
11:00-11:20Laurel CummingsYour Technological Go-Bag and You: Consolidating Your Workbench for the Field
11:20-11:40Shaughn MartelCross pollination for Cultural Shifts
11:50-12:10Rianna Trujillo & Becca SharpOpen Hardware for Culture & History
12:10-12:30Zsuzsa MarkaExpanding the Open Source Ecosystem in Large Academic Collaborations
12:30-12:50Kevin EliceiriOpen Hardware approaches for Laser Scanning Microscopy
12:50-1:50Lunch Time
1:50-1210Bradley GawthropErgonomic Bootcamp
2:10-2:30Jacob Lawaetz & Niklas BuhlHow to Turn Your Ordinary Laser Cutter Into a Five-Axis Laser Cutter
2:30-2:50Eduardo ContrerasManufacturing While Everything is Pain
2:50-3:10David Cuartielles & Judit MartinezBridging (Not So) Old and (Brand) New Tech: Interfacing Agriculture Sensors With Hardware and Software