Workshop Schedule

10:40-11:40Adam Larson (him), Thibaut Pollina (him)PlanktoScope: Open and Affordable Quantitative Imaging PlatformThe PlanktoScope is a modular, open-source platform for high-throughput quantitative imaging of plankton samples. Its small size, ease of use, and low cost make it suitable for a variety of applications, including the monitoring of laboratory cultures or natural micro-plankton communities. It can be controlled from any WiFi-enabled device and can be easily reconfigured to meet the changing needs of the user.RSVP here
1:50-2:30Freyja Van De BoomThe State of GlitchHumans to become obsolete by 2030, or why we need the right to repair (our own digital enhanced BODIES) The aim of this session is to get informed about the rights we have now and what we need to ensure we remain in control over our future cyborg/hybrid bodies. To raise awareness and provoke discussions, this session will also be about imagining what could possibly go wrong in future societies. These scenario’s, and/or speculative design artefacts can help us provoke discussions and raise awareness about the need for the right to repair. Join me to imagine how we can positively disrupt regulations.RSVP here
2:30-3:40Andy QuitmeyerBubblepunk: Make Upcycled Toys for Fun and ScienceIll show people how to hack a new wave of dipless bubble toys for wearable bubble machines or solar powered bubblers or long-duration bubbling (or all of the above). We will also make upcycled Alquimétricos* structures for making interesting bubble structures (like bubble hypercubes). Ill talk about bubblepunk motivations (reducing garbage by sharing bubble love + creating new behavioral interfaces for science), and give tips of burbujacking i learned from a cool french bubble physics professor for creating SOLID STATE DIPLESS BUBBLE MACHINES. (Alquimétricos is a collection of open source didactic toys: building blocks to mount structures and learn-while-playing about geometry, maths, architecture, mechanics, physics, chemistry, and much more. It’s basically a collection of open source shapes you can create by hand or with rapid prototyping, and they can be connected with sticks to quickly make large scale tensegrity structures and toys! Super easy and fun)RSVP here
3:40-4:40Joey Castillo (he/him/y’all)The Build-A-Book WorkshopIn this workshop, you’ll solder a couple dozen components to a circuit board, and in the process build your own open hardware e-book reader from scratch. Your Open Book will include a MicroSD card slot for reading books, character sets for displaying works in all the languages of the world, and a crisp grayscale e-paper display driven by a Raspberry Pi Pico. You’ll also be able to understand how it works: as we place each part, we’ll talk about what each one does and how it contributes to the overall workings of this device you’ll use to read once you take it home from the summit.RSVP here
10:20-11:Anuradha Reddy & Christin Lundgren Kolam Antenna Workshop – A collaboration between Heritage Crafts and Open HardwareKolam is a folk heritage craft from South India for drawing beautiful geometric patterns. This session entails building Kolam antennas using copper wire through the wire-wrapping technique. Participants will take home a Kolam wire-wrapped antenna that they can use for WiFi/Bluetooth applications.RSVP Here
1:50-2:50Becca RosePotato Computer ClubPotato Computer Club is a hands-on workshop exploring feminist computing practice through potatoes (yes potatoes!). Through the eye of the potato we enter a realm of different possibilities with computers: in the past people have said they experience slowness, storytelling, and kinship. The workshop is a combination of making batteries with potatoes and storytelling. Bring a potato if you have one to hand (otherwise there will be some provided).RSVP here
2:50-4:20Alex LyndSolder Your Own Cat-Shaped USB Hacking Tool with the Nugget!Want to learn how hackers exploit computers in seconds? This beginner-friendly workshop walks you through assembling your own cat-shaped hacking console, which you’ll use to try out fun hacking demos! You’ll learn to solder, write your own USB attack scripts, and learn the techniques hackers use with your new cat companion!RSVP Here
4:20-5:40Shorwave CollectiveFeminist Approaches to DIY RadioShortwave Collective is an international, feminist artist group, interested in creative uses of radio. We meet regularly to discuss feminist approaches to the radio spectrum as artistic material, sharing resources and considering DIY approaches and inclusive structures. In this artist talk, we share our DIY making and listening processes. The ‘open-wave receiver’ is a feminist re-interpretation of foxhole radio designs used by soldiers during wartime. Shortwave Collective makes this radio technology accessible in workshops; participants create open-wave receivers and are engaged as co-researchers and curious experimenters working with a very basic set of materials: copper wire, metal clips, speaker wire, a tent peg. Then at dusk, when atmospheric conditions are most favourable, makers go outside together, extend antennas and receive signals. Through open-wave receiving, Shortwave Collective posits alternative narratives of radio technology, radio waves, signals, listening and reception that ripple into a more symbiotic awareness of electromagnetism, atmosphere and communication.RSVP here